4x12 Cabs Shootout: Marshall 1960BV, Mesa Rectifier, Peavey 412MS

Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Standard Slant

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Gear Used

Other Gear Used

  • AT4033
  • audix D6
  • md421
  • sm57


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Three cabs doubletracked one by one and mixed in three combinations.
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Please forgive the guitar player.

UPD: Unfortunately we didn't have a standard 1960B with G12T-75s in instant access at that moment... Maybe next time.

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Basic data

  • Manufacturer: Mesa/Boogie
  • Model Name: Rectifier 4x12 Standard Slant
  • No. of speakers: 4
  • Speaker diameter(s): 12 "
  • Power: 240 W

  • Popular in modern metal community, a very common sight not only on heavier music stages.

  • Feel: Modern , Metal/HC , Bright, Rich