Fender Dimension Bass in a room. A nicely detailed review.

Fender American Deluxe Dimension Bass

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Basic data

  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Model Name: American Deluxe Dimension Bass
  • Type: Fretted
  • No. of Strings: 4

  • A fresh "modern" line from Fender. It`s actualy the company`s approach to a Musicman kind of sound. More mellow, less harsh with softer attack. Worth checking out.
    Just like in Stingrays and Sterlings: one- or two-pickup configurations are avaiable.
    A well powered 18v preamp onboard.

  • Famous users: Chris Maresh, Neon Trees, Nik West, Tony Alva
  • Feel: Classic , Modern , Metal/HC , Brilliant, Fat, Soft