Gibson Lucille (Part 2 clean Demo)

Gibson B.B. King Lucille

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Gear Used

Other Gear Used

  • 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb
  • Wampler plexi-drive
  • TC Delay "Nova Repeat"


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Basic data

  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model Name: B.B. King Lucille
  • Type: Semi-Hollow
  • No. of Strings: 6

  • The one and only B.B. King`s signature model. Body shape is very similar to ES-335 but with no f-holes. Electronics include the unique Varitone knob that changes the wiring of capacitors and resistors and opens up some very interesting soundscapes.
    Also stereo output is included.

  • Feel: Classic , Twangy, Deep, Warm, Bright, Fat, Soft , Rich