James Hetfield ESP LTD Iron Cross Guitar - Andertons

LTD James Hetfield Signature

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  • Marshall JVM 205


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Basic data

  • Manufacturer: LTD
  • Model Name: James Hetfield Signature
  • Type: Solid Body
  • No. of Strings: 6

  • So there are two very similar James` signature ESP designs. The Iron Cross and the Truckster. We figured we`ll just throw them both in the same category since the only spec difference is the fretboard wood choice (ebony in Iron Cross and rosewood in Truckster).
    Fun fact - the typical les paul pickup selector placed on top of the guitar... does absolutely nothing ;). The actual pickup selector lies in the knob area.

  • Famous users: James Hetfield, Metallica
  • Feel: Modern , Metal/HC , Brilliant, Bright, Fat, Rich