John Petrucci -- Mark V -- Settings and Tone Tips (Part 1)

Mesa/Boogie Mark V

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John Petrucci discusses the philosophy behind his Mark V settings and demonstrates the tones used in Dream Theater.
Recorded in Petaluma, CA at Mesa/Boogie - June, 2010.

Part 1 details Mark V channels 1 and 2 settings with playing examples.

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Basic data

  • Manufacturer: Mesa/Boogie
  • Model Name: Mark V
  • Type: All-Tube
  • No. of Channels: 3

  • Latest generation of amplifiers focused on versatility and variety of tones.
    Every one of 3 channels has unique and independent circuitry with 3 different preamp modes, eq settings and even a separate output power switch (10, 45 or 90W).

  • Famous users: Alter Bridge, Coheed & Cambria, Dream Theater, Lamb of God, Slash
  • Feel: Classic , Modern , Harsh, Deep, Dirty, Growling, Metal/HC , Warm, Brilliant, Bright, Dark, Fat, Soft , Rich