Maxon OD808 vs Ibanez TS808 Shoot-Out! (Washburn PS1800 Carvin Legacy 3)

Maxon OD808

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Gear Used

Other Gear Used

  • Carvin Legacy 3
  • Washburn PS1800


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Basic data

  • Manufacturer: Maxon
  • Model Name: OD808
  • Type: Booster, Overdrive
  • Useful for: Guitar, Bass, Anything else
  • Battery powered: Yes
  • Pots and Switches: Overdrive, Tone, Balance (Volume)

  • Maxon is a japanese brand responsible for designing the original TS808 tube screamer circuit, later hired by Ibanez to make it for them. The Maxon OD808 is the official reissue of the classic transparent overdrive/booster pedal.
    Comes in different visual designs but it`s all the same device.

  • Feel: Classic , Modern , Twangy, Metal/HC , Brilliant, Rich