About Us


1. What is this all about?

In a nutshell - it`s a nice little database of popular music equipment with attached video demos/reviews.
So if you wanted to see some music gear in action you're at the right place.
You can search for specific equipment or just browse around using various filters.

2. How is this different from simply browsing youtube?

First of all, this site stands for quality. Only good, informative presentations are selected. We don't want anyone to drown in a sea of low quality samples.
We also provide technical information about every gear being reviewed. Maybe you can even hear for yourself how certain attributes of equipment affect the sound.

3. I don't get this whole FEEL thing. Plus i would never call my Tele 'twangy'. This is an outrage!

Well, the whole thing is about helping people who have no idea what Tele is in the first place.
So they can dive into the enigmatic sea of manufacturers and surface with something at least remotely close to what they were looking for.

4. What do i get for being a registered user?

Basically, ability to comment, add new gear and reviews. Did we mention lots of good karma for future generations?
On a more serious note though, we`re planning a reward system for users who contribute the most.

5. I want to tell you how terrible this site is and how to make it better.

Please do, using the CONTACT form.